Leadership for Transformational Change in a Rapidly Shifting World

Why this matters now

I started the process of building the TCL framework three years ago. At the time, in the midst of growing criticisms (some of course warranted) of the aid and development sector and rights constructs, it felt pressing to capture the lessons learned from leaders in rights and international development who had laid the groundwork over the past half century and more, to recall their legacies before they left us, and to document their work.

A collective, systemic approach to leadership

As I wrote in my Creative Statement on the TCL site, at the best or calmest of times, the work we do in the social sector is already remarkable. But in an era of immense change, we need to rethink how to overcome conflict, inequality, and poverty. Extraordinary times call for strong leadership.

Building our future through stories

Storytelling and cultural expression, too often used solely for external communications and raising awareness, can be vehicles for voice, agency, representation, and participation. In this form, narrative is a strategic driver of change.

An invitation


Social Change| Design | Storytelling. Founder of the Creative Impact and Experience Lab http://cielab.in. Using narrative to catalyze and amplify social change

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